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Here are some recent reviews from some of our clients.

I gave Mr. Elizondo one job and he by far exceeded my expectations. I had almost 20 tickets, 10 of which kept me from getting my license. Mind you, they were all scattered in different counties. He managed to take care of all of them and in a timely manner as well. I got my license back and it was all thanks to Mr. Elizondo and his team. It was no easy task but boy it got done. He made me a great deal for it all.

Juan Elizondo is the most professional, organized and approachable attorney I have had the pleasure of working with. His office staff is also very attentive and ready to answer any and all questions.

The law office of Juan Elizando handled my mother’s Power of Attorney Documents promptly and with such professionalism. My family is incredibly grateful and highly recommend Juan Elizando’s law office for all your legal needs. Thank you Juan for all you did for my family in our time of need.

Sandy G.

Angel V.

Cindy M.

Angel V.

Angel V.

Sandy G.

Mike P.

Mike P.

I went to the lawyer, Juan Elizondo. He helped me with my divorce, which wasn’t simple. I went to a few other lawyers; typically they just want your money, they don’t answer all your questions and just get you out of their office as quick as possible, well NOT Mr. Elizondo! He was amazing and super patient. He kept me updated with everything that went on in my case. Mary, the paralegal, answered some of my questions, and took some time for me which I really appreciate! If you’re looking for a lawyer, this is the place! I can’t complain about anything. They’re super nice and honestly they sincerely want to help.

Jackie G.

Attorney Juan Elizondo is an excellent choice for anyone experiencing legal troubles. Mr. Elizondo is not only professional and reasonably priced, Mr. Elizondo is also compassionate about his clients. He will keep you informed every step of the way and does anything within his power to provide a satisfactory outcome to any legal problem he is up against with his client. The Law office of Mr. Elizondo has a warm, courteous , and efficient team of profesionals who are always ready to answer any questions or provide any assistance regarding your situation. If you are searching for effective legal representation, look no further.

Julian T.

Mr. Elizondo performed above and beyond jointly assisting and representing my wife in an out of state DUI case. Mr. Elizondo’s is an absolute expert at his profession and a skilled counselor who got my wife’s DUI charges dismissed. Mr. Elizondo’s and his legal team provided the expert legal counsel that not only got my wife’s DUI charges dropped but also saved her career as a school teacher. The Law Office of Juan A. Elizondo treat you like family and are there 24/7 to guide you through the difficult legal challenges with expertise and professionalism. I highly recommend Juan Elizondo and his legal team, they are the best of the best.

Mike P.

I am really very satisfied with the work of attorney Juan Elizondo and Maria Herrera. After so many years I finally received my residency. Many thanks to Juan Elizondo and Maria Herrera for their dedication in working on my case.

I attained Mr. Elizondo to assist me on a business matter which had being pending for 12 years. Mr. Elizondo took care of this matter in 2 weeks and I was fully reimbursed. Great job done Mr. Elizondo. 

Fernando G.

Thanks to the Law Office of Juan A. Elizondo who with great patience and wisdom achieved my husband's permanent residence in just 7 months.


Tel:  210-442-8849


Alfonso R.

Erica H.

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